Interaction Day

assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

alhamdulillah, we have done the Interaction Day which was succesfully organised by Dental Society of IIUM. all students from Year 1 to Year 3 was invited and majority of them showed up at the Field near Mahallah Mainumah.

although female participants outnumbered male students at the field today, but we managed to cooperate and strive really hard to win all the games.

we have many games that was there for us to play. we played "Coconut Bowling", "Tarik Upih", "Galah Panjang" and many other exciting games.

After that, all Year 1 students was introduced with their Year 2 and Year 3 Buddies to help them with their studies in years to come.

It is hoped that the objectives of this Interaction Day, which are to strengthen the Islamic Brotherhood and to get Buddies for Year 1 students. thank you.