I smell busy-ness...

salam everyone.. it have been a buzy and hectic time in our batch already. programmes come and passes. class are just as full as usual. n there's I-Quest around the corner..

okay, here are some of the pictures taken during the Lecturers' Open House from Kulliyyah of Dentistry...

enjoice! (enjoy+rejoice, credit to mr. Saiful Nang)

H1N1 holiday

assalamualaikum. first of all, congrats for all Year 1 Dental students for passing the hepatitis blood screening so it means that it is in the blood that we are chosen by Allah to complete this course. Now that it is up for us to study real hard and smart to pass all the upcoming exams.

on Tuesday, just before our Dental Anatomy class with Dr. Bobo, the Dean came and announced that the Kulliyyah is closed and all healthy students to go home for the uprising case of H1N1 in our Kuantan Campus. As for sick students, they are required to stay in the Mahallah.

for those who are sick, may Allah grant you with with Syifa' and for those who are staying at their home, please, don't forget to study, okay!

Mini? Really?

Why do you call an examination for which you have to burn the midnight oil and keep away from the sunlight with your face down in books... a minitest?

We fail to see the "mini" part.

However, and regardless of whatever name one chooses to give, that THING is approaching. Therefore, I strongly urge my fellow friends and classmates to work hard and give it your best shot. Let's be the 1st batch with a 100% pass on the 1st minitest!

Good luck to all,
wa billahittaufiq.

Interaction Day

assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

alhamdulillah, we have done the Interaction Day which was succesfully organised by Dental Society of IIUM. all students from Year 1 to Year 3 was invited and majority of them showed up at the Field near Mahallah Mainumah.

although female participants outnumbered male students at the field today, but we managed to cooperate and strive really hard to win all the games.

we have many games that was there for us to play. we played "Coconut Bowling", "Tarik Upih", "Galah Panjang" and many other exciting games.

After that, all Year 1 students was introduced with their Year 2 and Year 3 Buddies to help them with their studies in years to come.

It is hoped that the objectives of this Interaction Day, which are to strengthen the Islamic Brotherhood and to get Buddies for Year 1 students. thank you.

welcome to new dentistry students


I would like to welcome all Third Batch IIUM Dentistry students to the Kulliyyah.

and I hope that all of us will pass all the exams required by the Kulliyyah with distinctions. and not forget for us to enjoy our 5 years of study in Kuantan.

any comment, critiques and opinions regarding this blog, kindly submit and address it to Bro Badruddin or Sis Fatima. thanks!

-from the blog admin.